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OUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY is to our patients: the mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, children and friends who rely upon and trust our expertise and advice. Our purpose is to deliver on their aspirations for living longer and living better. We protect their interests. We are transparent.

OUR SECOND RESPONSIBILITY is to each other. Our word is our bond. We deliver on our commitments. We obey the laws of the land. We treat one another with honor and respect. We are passionate about our work; we are aligned in our efforts. We recognize performance and loathe sloth. We build for enduring function as well as form, and detest waste. Result, not status, is our highest endeavor. No menial task is beneath any one of us. We keep the main thing, the main thing. We hold high expectations for both standards of performance and ethics, in all we do. We have learned that innovation is born amid freedom and trust. We strive first to understand and then to be understood. We encourage quick and informed decisions, and inspire equally rapid course corrections when required. We support our decisions. We take responsibility for our actions and are quick to give credit and to take blame. We admit our mistakes and learn from them. We are optimistic. We thrive in change. We do not accept avarice or selfishness. We believe in an honest day’s wage, for an honest day’s work. We are kind and charitable to our communities and environment.

OUR FINAL RESPONSIBILITY is to our stockholders. We are careful stewards of the resources bestowed to our keeping. We strive to deliver exceptional returns through novel approaches, enabling patients to live both better and longer lives.


Freedom:  We hire only the best and the brightest. We like a high degree of freedom to make decisions and how to best run our area of responsibility or business. We always keep in mind that with that freedom comes responsibility and calling on others to do the same.

Passion:  We are a company “of Doctors for Patients”. We are creating a new roadmap in Lifestyle Healthcare with disruptive technology.  We believe in our mission and live by our Credo.

Purpose: We attract high-value talent that wants to make a big impact. We get more done in a few months than most people get done over years. We are “Doers with Vision”, creating solutions to problems.

Courage:  We are not fearful and doubtful as those traits work against high performers. We tackle challenges and opportunities without fear that hampers other organizations. When we fail, we fail fast and make it a point to adjust quickly.

We Do What We Say:  We exist to serve the customer not the shareholder.  Following through on our commitments is of paramount importance. Despite setbacks, we rise to the occasion and never settle.



Before applying for a position at ALPHAEON, we’d like to know a little more about you.
Please answer the following four questions.
Do you prefer to work on projects with other people or do you prefer to give it a go on your own?
Do you find yourself paying more attention to what could be or do you spend more time thinking about the now?
When a situation arises do you find yourself mostly thinking with your head or thinking with your heart?
Do you find yourself planning each step of your day or do you like to just go with the flow?
Thank you!

Your answers indicate your personality traits may be:

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